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  • n. A benchmark designed to measure the performance of a very small and specific piece of code.


micro- +‎ benchmark (Wiktionary)


  • Java Benchmark creates a microbenchmark to test the performance of Java operations on different platforms.

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  • A microbenchmark to test the performance of Java operations

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  • The differences between browsers on this microbenchmark are converging within thousandths of seconds on tests that repeat operations many, many times to find any differences at all.

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  • For example, the IE Test Drive site offers samples that deliberately represent real-world site patterns rather than microbenchmark-style samples.

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  • One measure of JavaScript performance is the Webkit Sunspider microbenchmark.

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  • In the end it''s still another microbenchmark which don''t prove a lot by nature if anything.

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  • While a microbenchmark may be a pathological case, the same sorts of things can happen in our real application code.

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  • Most of the code in a well-written microbenchmark is there to confuse the JIT so that it doesn't translate our code into something that no longer measures the effect we're interested in.

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