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  • n. An extremely small tape for use with a tape player, cassette player, or dictation machine.


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micro- +‎ cassette


  • He read my lines into a microcassette recorder with that sour voice of his.

    The Influence of Anxiety

  • Other than having the children and Asif speak just three months after their mother and their wife, the most powerful part of the film was being able to find these microcassette tapes that actually had been forgotten about for 15 years.

    Dan Lybarger: A Complicated Legacy: Duane Baughman on Bhutto

  • Maybe that's because every microcassette recorder I have ever bought there has broken.

    Pick of the day: The lost tribes of Radio Shack

  • During OPEVAL, Carlson had bought a microcassette tape recorder and surreptitiously taped meetings on maintenance data.

    The Dream Machine

  • For those 40-something-plus interviews with authors, artists, editors and whatnot, I relied on my trusty microcassette recorder from the newspaper days.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • A hasty conversation followed, my microcassette recorder cutting out for a few seconds in the middle.

    The answer is no. - Beyond The Commons -

  • And in the top one he kept his socks and in the back he had these boxes where he stored the little microcassette tapes from my recorder.

    CNN Transcript Oct 2, 2009

  • He has mounted his microcassette recorder on top of mine doggie-style, and it's ejaculating into mine a message he'd received from Hunter about the assignation of a paying gig.

    Michael Simmons: An Evening with Ralph Steadman

  • Detective Barnes opened the envelope and found a microcassette tape as well as what appeared to be a transcript of some sort and a pencil sketch of a white male with short dark hair.


  • Stunned, T.W. listened to the microcassette recorder as it moved into the familiar hissing of blank tape.



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