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  • n. A small or microscopic cosmos; a microcosm.

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  • n. Same as microcosmus, 1.


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micro- +‎ cosmos


  • The three interactions that govern the microcosmos are all much stronger than gravity and have been unified through the Standard Model.

    The Nobel Prize in Physics 2004 - Information for the Public

  • But on the side of mortality the conception of man is an integral part of the con - ception of nature as a whole, as a system within which things come to be and perish according to principles that are the same for the heavenly bodies, for the whole cosmos, and for the microcosmos which is man.

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • “Indeed,” he continues, “the philosophers call the world generally by the Greek name of cosmos, which again they divide as it were into two kinds, one the macrocosmos, the other the microcosmos, meaning by the megacosmos


  • Just as Hockney chose a limited palette for Rake, so does this ensemble, which can make of five unaccompanied voices a microcosmos and a miracle.

    The Rake's Progress; BBC Prom 35; Three Choirs festival

  • He increased the generation of theta rays and watched breathlessly as a twin star was formed there in the microcosmos that whirled on the screen.

    "Power" by Harl Vincent, part 4

  • NASA Spirit Rover sẽ ở lại bị mắc kẹt trong cát , nơi mà nhiệm vụ của mình sẽ tái tập trung vào nghiên cứu microcosmos của sao Hỏa trong môi trường xung quanh của nó ngay lập tức. »2010» tháng một

  • What if it was a free-ranging gas giant that didn't so much knock as suck the planet into its gravity well, and then the whole kaboodle became trapped by the sun, looking, externally, like just another Neptune with moons and rings, but being a microcosmos with atmosphere internally with a number of large bodies orbiting each other tightly, one of which would be the world I was talking about.

    mikandra: more weird stuff

  • We shall not only enter the hyperphysical plane, but shall project ourselves into the delectable world of the microcosmos and there emerge as entities adaptable to the greatly different existence.

    "Microcosmic Buccaneers" by Harl Vincent, part 2

  • We have delved into the secrets of the microcosmos.

    "Microcosmic Buccaneers" by Harl Vincent, part 1

  • Now here was a new possibility in the microcosmos -- and who knew how many more of the tiny worlds might be inhabited?

    "Microcosmic Buccaneers" by Harl Vincent, part 1


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