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  • n. Biology A small-scale culture of organisms, cells, or tissues.
  • n. Sociology The distinctive culture of a small group of people within a limited geographical area or within an organization such as a school or business.

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  • n. A very small culture.


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micro- +‎ culture


  • Chad Hurley welcomed them, at least those simpatico with the YouTube microculture.

    In the Plex

  • According to the numbers in Fatal Harvest, and elsewhere, the monoculture version of farming is far less productive than microculture [aka small farm or home gardening] in terms of product per acre [to the tune of upwards of 5x less productive].

    Coming Soon-- Riots in America?

  • This tells me that if we dedicate some percentage of suburban yards to microculture [aka victory gardens, backyard hens, etc] we will not be nearly as hard up as we will be if we just stand around waiting for the truckloads of rice bags and CARE packages to come to us from the factory farms.

    Coming Soon-- Riots in America?

  • Jeopardy! and its fun growing microculture of former contestants have been a part of my life since my own string of appearances began in 1997, as I recounted last year in a memoir called Prisoner of Trebekistan.

    Bob Harris: Jeopardy! Winner Hiking for Families of Wounded and Disabled Veterans

  • To generalise brutally, they are un-nurtured, brought up in a microculture of neglect, arbitrary and erratic discipline, and love without its concomitant need for boundaries and good behaviour.

    The Guardian World News

  • Now, everyone basically is their own microculture, their own nanoculture, their own generation.

    deea // supermagnet

  • Accountability is crucial - you might recall our theory on the subject - and a fixed persona makes the laws of a microculture enforceable.

    Penny Arcade

  • "We" as in a company culture or "we few .. we happy few" in a department that has a microculture all its own.

  • I've heard some people suggest that World War II gave Japan cultural brain damage, which is why their microculture seems so bizarre today. Antenna

  • MDA-MB-231 and D3H2LN cell viability was assessed using the MTT-microculture tetrazolium assay

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles


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