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  • n. A technique in which a short length of dialysis membrane is introduced into a biological tissue in order to collect samples of fluid for analysis.


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  • Researchers led by David Holtzman, a neurologist and neuroscientist at Washington University in St. Louis, used a method called microdialysis to measure the levels of a protein known as amyloid-beta in the fluid between brain cells of mice.

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  • Demonstration of UV-B-induced synthesis of 1alpha, 25-dihydroxyvitamin D (3) (calcitriol) in human skin by microdialysis.

    Potential impacts of direct mechanisms of climate change on human health in the Arctic

  • The ocular pharmacokinetics of FB was determined using microdialysis.

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  • PsychoGenics announces alliance with experimental neuropharmacology expert for specialized microdialysis services


  • The samples were collected by a microdialysis probe implanted in close proximity to the Zusanli point.

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  • Moreover, when we assessed the extracellular serotonin release in the ventral hippocampus in freely moving rats through in vivo microdialysis, it was shown that the blockade of the CRF

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  • In twenty TBI patients, microdialysis catheters inserted in the edematous frontal lobe were dialyzed at 1 mul/min, collecting samples at 60 minute intervals.

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  • Cerebral microdialysis was used to investigate the influence of arterial blood and brain glucose on cerebral glucose, lactate, pyruvate, glutamate, and calculated indices of downstream metabolism.

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  • VigiCell will represent NoAb's extensive expertise in the field of DMPK and in particular, its suite of in vivo BBB penetration services, including serial CSF collection, and microdialysis. Featured News and Stories

  • In the new report, Pier Andrea Serra and colleagues note that the most common method for monitoring brain neurochemical levels is microdialysis, a technique that requires insertion of a relatively big probe into the brain.



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