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  • n. Very small-scale dynamics


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micro- +‎ dynamics


  • The latter deals with implementation and the microdynamics of the social system that underpins access, distribution, power and resource allocation.

    Susan Davis: Making Preventing Maternal Mortality Within Reach

  • The new Treasury Department appointee in charge of the $700B federal bail-out, Neel Kashkari, ran a microdynamics IR&D project in 1999-2000 at TRW in support of SIM and JWST - if you can't get Ed Weiler, ask Neel what he's doing in February (see if he can come over with a few left-over $B's).

    Who Will Be The Next Administrator of NASA? - NASA Watch

  • The fact that EPA, nevertheless, provides a systematic relation between macrodynamics and microdynamics is Streven's grounds for claiming it is a model and a defense of systematic reductive physicalism.

    The Unity of Science

  • He defines the notion of a weakly emergent state (contrasted with strong emergence of the sort discussed in our following section) thus: a macroscopic state which could be derived from a knowledge of the system's microdynamics and external conditions but only by simulating it, or modeling all the interactions of the realizing microstates leading up to it from its initial conditions.

    Emergent Properties

  • We're about to witness the defining moment when they shift from the microdynamics of the DIY filmmaker and actress to more complicated terrain.

    New York Press

  • But I have never before encountered anyone who has a more profound and subtle understanding of the microdynamics of love than Balthasar.

    One Cosmos

  • Each chapter presents elements of microdynamics involved in encounters: emotions, motivations, culture, role processes, status, demographics, and ecology.

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  • EPA is concerned with explaining the successful description of decomposable systems of this kind: 1) they are non-decomposable in the sense that they contain many components, enions, that are strongly interacting (the interaction-events are frequent and have significant consequences for the interacting parts) and fairly independent (actual interactions take place infrequently for each part); and 2) a probabilistic characterization of the microdynamics is available.

    The Unity of Science


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