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  • n. Plural form of microexpression.


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  • Key among them was Dr. Paul Ekman, a San Francisco-based psychologist and pioneer in the study of deceit and "microexpressions" -- the subtle, involuntary ways in which our faces betray our inner emotions.

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  • Most people would have missed it, but his Secret Service training to detect what scientists referred to as microexpressions, the subtle and almost imperceptible facial cues that subjects unknowingly give off when they are not telling the truth, made it clear to Harvath that the man was lying.

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  • Professional human lie detectors said that people are uncomfortable with untruths and will show that in certain ways, such as microexpressions — brief flashes of fear or other emotions in a face — or concealing motions like crossing one's legs or touching one's face.

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  • I have been fascinated by this show and the underlying science that inspired it - I can't necessarily put a name to these "microexpressions" that denote deception as the show portrays.

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  • Most famously, Ekman researched "microexpressions," subtle "tells" that reveal when someone is lying.

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  • It brought together heavy hitters like Paul Ekman, the psychologist known for deciphering facial "microexpressions" that reveal feelings, and Robert Sapolsky, the Stanford biologist.


  • 'microexpressions', not quite a full player action but mineable for meaning regardless.

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  • In the Fox drama, the Lightman Group specializes in interpreting microexpressions and body language, and leader Cal Lightman Roth is an expert at manipulating his own body's language to fluster and confuse people into inadvertently revealing their true motives.

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  • February 11th, 2010 at 11: 35 am microexpressions, voice analyzers, eyeball tracking, more comes to market everyday.

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  • His Facial Action Coding System (FACS) for microexpressions led to (among other things) the TV drama Lie To Me, in which a gruff researcher (based on Ekman, also a show consultant) and his glamorous employees form The Lightman Group, hired to solve crimes and spot lies.

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