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  • n. Foam consisting of very small bubbles, specifically as an element in the steamed milk used to make certain types of latte coffee.


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From micro- +‎ foam.


  • A white plastic face mask with string and rubber band attached, empty pack of replacement microfoam filters.

    In A Cabin In The Woods

  • Our products do not contain air but the Core is ¼thick microfoam polypropylene with high purity Aluminum foil with reincorced scrim and patented self taped edges are on both sides.


  • Ideally, you get a textured milk with no visible bubbles – more of a “microfoam” than foam.

    Espresso Art | Seattle Metblogs

  • Better espresso shops here in the US and worldwide stick to the 1 / 3 espresso, but the milk is usually all microfoam - steamed milk textured to a glossy, smooth finish with no large bubbles.

    Aldo Coffee Company

  • In pouring the milk, the runnier, thinner microfoam leaves the pitcher first, leaving a slightly thicker foam that ends up on top of your drink.

    Aldo Coffee Company

  • Even Italians have come to acknowledge microfoam versions as being superior.

    Aldo Coffee Company

  • Much has been written about utilizing Silvias for both pulling quality shots and steaming the rich, microfoam milk prized by true coffee lovers -- not always an easy task with a basic home espresso machine, but Silvia's is up for it.


  • Dr Wright will conclude that all patients receiving endovenous microfoam ablation treatment have right sided cardiac bubbles.

    Medlogs - Recent stories


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