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  • n. One who micromanages.


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  • Though celebrated for her work on Disney's hugely successful "Lion King" musical and on films such as "Frida" and "The Tempest," Ms. Taymor has also frequently been described as a micromanager, accused of devoting all her attention to the details of a production while turning a blind eye to budget.

    'Spidey' Director's Role Is Cut

  • He's known as a micromanager who's given (or takes) credit for every Apple innovation, and Apple has been criticized in the past for not having a clear succession plan.

    Here’s to the Health of the CEO

  • I'm not at all sure this is a Good Thing, as the guy's turning out to be a micromanager, which is the one management style I truly can't abide.

    January 29th, 2003

  • Have you ever worked for a leader you would describe as a micromanager?

    Jacksonville Business News - Local Jacksonville News | Jacksonville Business Journal

  • So as not to be labelled a micromanager, our President is going to convene another meeting of the taxi operators with no less than two government ministers, Manniram Prashad and Clement Rohee, to select the colour of the taxis.

    Stabroek News

  • He was 25 -- too late for the "micromanager" to protest.

    Feeling Dean's Pain

  • I just had someone tell me I'm a "micromanager", but I have no idea what this really means.

    Apathy Has Already Won March 2007 City Election

  • Throughout the ten years I've discussed the situation with one of our close male friends and we've pondered the following question, "Is he really a lazy ass, or is she a 'micromanager' and won't allow him to really help her because he's not doing it the exact way that she wants it done?"

    feminist blogs

  • The roots of seagull management can be traced back to the days when "micromanager" was the worst non-expletive you could utter behind your boss 'back.

    Edge Online - Interactive Entertainment Today

  • As with the 'micromanager' question, the 'right' answer is far too clear to tell you very much.)

    Inside Higher Ed


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