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  • adj. Describing any small seismic event that causes little or no damage or disturbance

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  • In seismology, of, pertaining to, or of the nature of microseisms, or very slight earthquake-tremors.


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micro- +‎ seismic


  • As these symptoms were noticed at more than one hundred and thirty places within the Italian part of the central area, there can be little doubt that they were caused by microseismic movements for the most part insensible to man.

    A Study of Recent Earthquakes

  • As we ran microseismic on of those 3 wells, and it became clear to us that we needed to do something different, and so we actually changed the direction of our azimuth by 90 degrees, took off in another direction that seems to have worked very well.

  • So far it's in the -- everything we've done is in Sanish, and it's because we want to have the microseismic up there to see what we're doing.

  • It gave us opportunity to perform microseismic on our wells, to gain some knowledge about the frac growth directions, things like that.

  • Will you be using microseismic for those wells just to see where you're getting production from?

  • And when you guys frac those, have you done microseismic to see how that frac kind of propagates kind of up/down, sort of how far away from the wellbore you think that that kind of moves?

  • Yes, I don't think we would include microseismic in that because microseismic is a saltwater service.

    Schlumberger Limited CEO Discusses Q4 2010 Earnings Call Transcript - Seeking Alpha

  • But those markets are essentially trending in tandem as opposed to -- it strikes me that perhaps the completions market with microseismic and variable staging is perhaps moving more towards an intelligent model faster than...

    Schlumberger Limited CEO Discusses Q4 2010 Earnings Call Transcript - Seeking Alpha

  • And we're planning a horizontal well, and we will be conducting microseismic on it to monitor the frac and do all the science work to fully evaluate how the well fracs.

  • GradeTM seismic data acquisition, microseismic monitoring, seismic data processing and interpretation services, and multi-client data products.

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper


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