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  • n. A miniature electronic device that detects information about a specific variable such as temperature or light.

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  • n. Any of several very small sensors that detect small amounts, or changes in a physical variable.


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micro- +‎ sensor


  • “Yet somehow, via some sort of subatomic microsensor array perhaps, the nanite is able to get readings on things that lie beyond the impenetrable boundary.”

    Delta Anomaly

  • It is so small, you can barely see it, but a microsensor created by University of Alberta engineers may soon make a huge difference in the lives of people recovering from hip replacement surgery.

    Science Press Releases

  • A microsensor is being developed that could be injected into the brain of a person with motor neurone disease to transmit important information to doctors.

    Mind Hacks: 2005-09-23 Spike activity

  • A background in microsensor application is desirable.

    Naturejobs - All Jobs

  • The main task of the PhD student will be to characterize (A) small-scale gradients in hydrocarbon contaminated aquifers using microsensor equipment, characterize (B) the ecology, physiology, and the (meta) genome of hydrocarbon degraders in situ, and © the role and distribution of extracellular electron transport via type IV pili in aquifer sediments.

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  • MEMS are made up of components typically no larger than 100 micrometers in size and usually integrate a microprocessor and other components, such as the microsensor found in the iPhone's accelerometer.


  • His talk, New and Emerging Technologies in Electronics, will detail what's next in advanced electronics, offering a snapshot of emerging technologies impacting the industry, emerging material technologies, plus an overview of advances in automotive, biomedical electronics, and smart electronics based on MEMS and microsensor technology.


  • Tsukruk and graduate students Michael McConney and Kyle Anderson conducted preliminary experiments with a simple artificial hair cell microsensor made of SU-8, a common epoxy-based polymer capable of solidifying, and built with conventional CMOS microfabrication technology.

    Georgia Tech Top Stories

  • The commission on Wednesday approved a $14,998 grant to the University of Toledo's Department of Civil Engineering for testing a microsensor to detect phosphates in Lake Erie.

    Grist - the Latest from Grist

  • Starting with a microsensor silicon chip array provided by collaborators at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Beach adds a layer of particles using a device called a picoliter drop dispenser.



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