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  • n. A microscopic system, especially a system using microscopic electromechanical components


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micro- +‎ system


  • Equation (1) and the hypothesis that the superposition principle governs all natural processes tell us that, if the initial state of the microsystem is a linear superposition of different eigenstates (for simplicity we will consider only two of them), one has:

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  • "microsystem" is highly affective, where the coin of connectedness revolves around the "appropriate" expression and reciprocity of emotional states, and the relationships of the family members with the child will become strained because the person is "doing it all wrong".

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  • Diversity is probably important in the gut microsystem as well, says Vincent B.

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  • Let us come now to a microsystem and let us consider the equal weight superposition of two states | h and

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  • This can easily be devised by considering, e.g., a Stern-Gerlach set-up in which the two paths followed by the microsystem according to the value of its spin component hit a fluorescent screen and excite a small number of atoms which subsequently decay, emitting a small number of photons.

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  • Suppose that a microsystem S, just before the measurement of an observable B, is in the eigenstate

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  • The assumptions of the theorem are: that a microsystem can be prepared in two different eigenstates of an observable (such as, e.g., the spin component along the z-axis) and in a superposition of two such states; that one has a sufficiently reliable way of

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  • Once these platforms are integrated, various microsystem payloads can be mounted on the platforms with the goal of controlling insect locomotion, sense local environment, and scavenge power.


  • It's a lot harder, I found, to sort out a human microsystem when you're looking up at it from the bottom, and, of course, a lot more necessary, to do so.

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  • Hello everyone, is it me or is Apple trying to position itself as a leader in hardware and software like the former independent business call sun microsystem? Top headlines


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