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  • n. The targeting of small, specific demographics.


micro- +‎ targeting (Wiktionary)


  • It pioneered a powerful new technique called "microtargeting" - a sort of digital house-by-house search for voters, using multiple databases to identify them by their political beliefs, buying habits or anything else that's out there.

    NPR Topics: News

  • It pioneered a powerful, new technique called microtargeting - a sort of digital, house-to-house search for voters using multiple databases to identify them by their political beliefs, buying habits - anything else that's out there.

    As RNC Makes Cuts, Outsiders Step In

  • Using an approach known as microtargeting, the Bloomberg campaign collects comprehensive information about voters and uses that to build profiles to predict what messages might appeal to them.

    Robo Calls

  • Experts in the political practice known as microtargeting can then instantly analyze the results to determine which issues are moving voters and adjust their pitch.

    Archive 2006-09-01

  • The idea is to take the now-standard practice of "microtargeting"-where a campaign repeatedly pesters supporters with phone calls, volunteer visits, and fundraising e-mails-one step further by tailoring their message to the concerns of individual voters.

    BusinessWeek.com -- Top News

  • He throws multimillions at advertising, polling and microtargeting, which is when candidates use a range of data to target their messages to different blocs of voters.

    news | FT | http://www.timesdaily.com

  • Delta Airlines wanted to reach business travelers just in the New York area last spring, it decided to test the idea of microtargeting with place-based media.

    Francis Anderson

  • From the party that turned "microtargeting" into a science in 2004, that is a telling admission.

    Checking In… - Swampland - TIME.com

  • We'll combine the energy of 3 million MoveOn members with new technology and cutting edge "microtargeting" techniques that have made Republican turnout efforts successful in recent years.

    MoveOn.org Reveals General Election Plans

  • To political technocrats, 2008 marks the maturation of "microtargeting" — a technique that, if things are as close in November as expected, may well affect who takes the White House.

    Campaigns Get Personal


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