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  • n. A titer obtained by the use of very small amounts of reagents


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  • The chips sit in small wells, known as microtiter plates, and are covered with a patient's tumor cells. News Feed

  • Such system-wide antibody patterns have been assessed by research groups led by Cohen and Coutinho employing different methodologies: Western blot of auto-antibodies to undefined self-antigens in tissue extracts, by antibodies bound to identified antigens in microtiter ELISA plates, and most recently by microarray technology with embedded antigen chips that allow identifying antibody reactions to hundreds of identified antigens (Tauber 2009).

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  • For each multiplex, both calibrators and controls were included on each microtiter plate. 8-point calibrators were run in the first and last column of each plate and 3-level controls were included in duplicate.

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  • Zsak M, Rabeck C (1997) Immunofluorescence assay for the quantitative and qualitative evaluation of intracellular interleukin-8 in microtiter plates.

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  • The samples were thawed at room temperature, vortexed, spun at 13,000×g for 5 minutes for clarification and volume was removed for MAP antigen analysis into a master microtiter plate.

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  • As coating antigens to measure virus specific antibodies, inactivated egg-grown viruses were coated onto 96-well microtiter plates.

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  • The cell suspension was added in each well of a 96-well microtiter plate incubated with different concentrations of the drugs in triplicate to a final volume of 300 µl.

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  • The measurements for QS signal molecules were performed in "black 96 welled microtiter plates"

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  • Protocol. 1/3 serial dilutions in 50 microliters of the assay buffer were made in 96-well microtiter plate for all unlabeled IL-10 preparations (mIL-10, cyno IL-10, hIL-10 dimer, hIL-10 mono) starting with 3 μg/ml in the first well. Notable Patent Applications - 07/22/2010

  • − Carry out wide range of microtiter plate-based experimentation, including plate reader - and automated microscopy-based assays and qRT -

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