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  • n. Any time in the middle of March.
  • adj. Happening in the middle of March.
  • adv. In the middle of March.


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From mid, and March.


  • The revolts reached Syria in mid-March, and that prompted an increasingly violent response from the Assad government.

    Syria Threatens Dissidents Around Globe, U.S. Says

  • The Vaccines, it seemed, were enjoying the kind of rollout the recording industry employed in the '60s, using singles and strategic appearances to generate excitement for a forthcoming album—though, in this case, the Vaccines were becoming a name in the U.K. months before the album's scheduled mid-March 2011 release.

    Success With No Incubation Period

  • One is Saudi Arabia's decision to stop leading from behind, as it had done in the Arab League since the uprising began in Syria in mid-March 2011.

    Sami Moubayed: Russia Seeks a Win-win Formula in Syria

  • The hiatus in filings from February to mid-March is normal, because companies are generally busy working with auditors to finalize 2010 financial data.

    Mixed Message From U.S. IPOs

  • The African Society for Laboratory Medicine was launched at a meeting in Addis Ababa in mid-March.

    Better Labs, Better Health Care in Africa

  • During the months of January through mid-March we collected 15,722 responses - 12,715 from college applicants and 3,007 from parents - representing all 50 states, DC, the Virgin Islands, Guam and Puerto Rico.

    Data/Statistical Reports

  • Intelligence analysts are pointing to the collection of indicators, including territory seized and looming fuel and money shortages, as the first shift from stalemate to momentum for the rebels since the conflict began in mid-March, the U.S. officials said.

    Source: Rebels gaining on Gadhafi regime

  • On July 5, Human Rights Watch issued a briefing paper detailing the systematic crackdown on critics of the government since mid-March, when government police and army troops violently brought an end to a month of mostly peaceful protests.

    Dan Williams: Pledging Allegiance in Bahrain

  • As of mid-March, just over half of all 140 million-plus individual returns had been filed, slightly behind the total for last year, and the average refund continued to be about $3,000.

    30 Last-Minute Tax Tips

  • "There are thoughts in some quarters that suspended sales of structured bonds in other currencies in mid-March could cause the losses, but in our view another possibility is that they are related to inflation indexed government bonds," said Hironari Nozaki , an analyst at Citigroup in Tokyo.

    Bank Venture's Troubles Grow


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