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  • n. the water that is well below the surface but also well above the bottom


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  • I dropped to mid-water descending slowly towards the deep by inertia, at approximately 20 meters I saw a Seriola swimming slowly.

    13-15 pound amberjack. Good? Decent? Regular?

  • It hangs there for a moment in mid-water, 6m from the bank, and then, with a kick of its tail, turns and follows the fly.

    We're all hooked on fishing now

  • Many of them have been used, although the mid-water thing is something that they're still trying to develop.

    Assessing The BP Spill's Impact

  • And to not have, you know, double-blind shear rams on your blowout preventer that won't hit the tool joint, you know, so you can actually make it work, to have backup systems to actually engage the thing, to have something that will collect oil in the mid-water.

    Assessing The BP Spill's Impact

  • While traditional species are overexploited, there is still a potential for a further exploitation of certain pelagic, mid-water species.

    East China Sea large marine ecosystem

  • Other people could pause mid-water, continue with their flippers and take photos.

    CNN Transcript Jun 25, 2008

  • Seconds later the first bubbles of exhaust crackled through the brash, some pooling mid-water, trapped under the forming ice, and the rest erupting upwards to form a pocket of air against the tunnel ceiling.

    Crusader Gold

  • For a moment he was suspended in mid-water, one eye staring blindly towards Jack, still alive, clawing weakly for the surface.

    Crusader Gold

  • You can put on a big suction cup on the front and try and grab animals out of mid-water.

    CNN Transcript Apr 18, 2006

  • COLLIER: The reason for that is if you're in mid-water, the shark can come at you from below, in front, behind and above.

    CNN Transcript Dec 17, 2004


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