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  • n. The middle of the body; the trunk
  • n. A transient microtubular granule formed during telophase

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  • n. In Mollusca, the mesosoma.
  • n. The cell-plate; a structure almost invariably found in plant- and often in animal-cells, as a series of deeply staining thickenings or granules in the equatorial plane of the achromatic spindle toward the end of mitotic cell-division.


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  • The new species is distinguished from all congeners by having a melanistic color pattern, with head and dorsum of the body mostly dark-brown to black; absence of postocular stripe; venter grayish-brown, with dark rounded blotches outlining two lateral stripes which become gradually paler towards the posterior region of the belly, disappearing after midbody.

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  • “A person can have as healthy a lifestyle as possible, by not smoking, avoiding the accumulation of midbody fat, eat lots of fish oils and other antioxidants, exercise, floss their teeth, and still not control completely how the eye ages.”

    Shock of Gray

  • Simeon Biggs, Big Sims, was famous in the firm for his midbody girth.


  • Also, final testing of the hydraulic system is behind schedule, and work still needs to be done on the midbody of one of the six test aircraft.

    Boeing Sticks to Dreamliner Goal

  • On your midbody, use accessories to camouflage, emphasize, or detract.

    “I Don’t Have a Thing to Wear”

  • TBCCD1 localizes at the centrosome and at the spindle midzone, midbody and basal bodies of primary and motile cilia.

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  • Skop AR, Liu H, Yates J 3rd, Meyer BJ, Heald R (2004) Dissection of the mammalian midbody proteome reveals conserved cytokinesis mechanisms.

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  • Note that midbody staining of GFP-LSM14A shows a relatively long microtubule structure with a gap in the middle, while GFP-Mgc81475 forms a ring in the central part of the midbody (similar to Flemming body).

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  • According to the published evidence, the above proteins or their previously characterized orthologs from other species localized to interphase and/or spindle microtubules, kinetochores, midbody and the centrosome.

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  • "Bird reported in midbody, reports it as a common bird and is described as smaller than a crow, bigger than a sparrow," noted the log, which was acquired by L2 processing information.


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