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  • n. The part of a missile flight between the end of the launching phase and reentry, during which corrective maneuvers are made.
  • n. The middle point of a course or of a course of action.

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  • adj. In the middle of a course


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mid- +‎ course


  • And two years later, when the deficit began to grow, President Reagan agreed to what then was called a midcourse correction, which, in fact, raised taxes.

    CNN Transcript Jun 10, 2004

  • There he recalls a midcourse shift from live events to producing e-learning platforms such as webinars.

    PR News Online

  • Gen. Pete Chiarelli says the so-called midcourse review includes a "soup-to-nuts" look at FCS.

    Defense Tech

  • They are now outfitted with "missile defense" systems and we are told their job is to hit "rogue state" nuclear missiles being sent toward the U.S. in the "midcourse" of their flight.


  • That's exactly where the philosophically pragmatic president is right now, starting to share power with the Republicans, figuring out what kind of midcourse correction he wants to make.

    NPR Topics: News

  • But Mr. Obama and Democratic lawmakers face difficult political and economic constraints if they try any kind of midcourse correction.

    GuruFocus Updates -

  • Our leaders need to quickly unite on a common vision, distill common purpose, catalyze multi-year nationwide efforts, and embrace midcourse corrections as needed and there will be quite a few given how many unthinkables are now realities in America and in societies that we interact with closely.

    Mohamed A. El-Erian: A Make or Break Year?

  • Built by Raytheon Co, the system locks on to targets in their boost, midcourse and terminal phases.

    Turkey to Station U.S. Radar to Counter Iranian Rockets

  • While the "Me" generation is transforming to a "We" generation midway through their lives, it left me to think about how we are going to instill the community and social value very early on in our schools and avoid a midcourse correction for my generation.

    Kiran Sridhar: A Twelve Year Old's Look at the Aspen Ideas Festival

  • The SBX radar is a major component of the ground-based midcourse defense, the sole U.S. bulwark against long-range missiles that could be tipped with chemical, biological or nuclear warheads …

    Matthew Yglesias » Nobody Wants to Lose an Aircraft Carrier for Their State


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