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  • n. A plane that passes through the middle of something, especially through the middle of the body

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  • n. the median plane of the body (or some part of the body)


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  • The dusty material accreted to the nebular midplane where it formed progressively larger clumps.

    AP Environmental Science Chapter 3- The Solid Earth

  • They squeezed into the office midplane with several Texas Democratic congressmen.

    'White House Ghosts: Presidents and Their Speechwriters'

  • After a week and a half and a second drive failure, they agreed to replace the midplane board.

    iMac G5 Meltdown

  • Power supply flamed out, and left scorch marks on the motherboard midplane.

    iMac G5 Meltdown

  • The tech was excellent and ordered a new midplane, power supply, inverter, and hard drive, which arrived the next day.

    iMac G5 Meltdown

  • More and more electrodes have been applied to the skull in various places (the positions kept symmetrical about the midplane of of the skull) and now as many as twenty-four places may be tapped and the potential differences across a number of these can be recorded simultaneously.

    The Human Brain

  • One of the fastest connectors on the market comes from Amphenol TCS, formerly Teradyne Connection Systems in Nashua, N.H. The Crossbow connector platform for orthogonal midplane configurations is said to enable speeds up to 25 Gbits/s, along with high performance electrical characteristics including less than 0. 6% crosstalk at 50 picoseconds

    Purchasing - Top Stories

  • It's a left-right midplane symmetric structure, situated between the.

    Science and Reason

  • 'The water is likely located in a hot layer just above the disk midplane, where most of the available oxygen is driven into water by chemical reactions,' says Ewine van Dishoeck. - latest science and technology news stories

  • The midplane of this dusty disk is opaque and cannot quickly cool by radiating heat to outer space. News Feed


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