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  • n. Plural form of military.


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  • With over 75 million peopleinvolvedin militaries around the world, it becomes much easier to understand the sheer influence being wielded by the military machine on politics around the world.

    Top Employer in the World – Chinese Military | Impact Lab

  • While guerrillas and terrorists might think little of our ability to find them and hurt them, our capacity to affect conventional militaries is well respected.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Blame Game

  • Part of the reasons nations build strong militaries is to deter people from committing aggressive acts against them.

    Think Progress » U.S. approves two more weeks of fighting.

  • Latin American militaries have a bad record of handling civilian affairs.

    Informed Reader

  • The wave of legal proceedings revives memories of the "dirty war" period in the 1970s and 1980s, when Latin American militaries executed or tortured thousands of civilians.

    In Latin America, History Goes on Trial

  • Since 1946, the U.S. has put its official seal of approval on torture by Latin American militaries at the Army's School of the Americas (SOA).

    Torture's Roots Run to Washington

  • The U.S. additionally must end the training of Latin American militaries in torture practices, particularly as epitomized in the training at the SOA.

    Torture's Roots Run to Washington

  • There, the U.S. has trained more than 60,000 members of Latin American militaries in torture, psychological warfare, interrogation, and counterinsurgency.

    Torture's Roots Run to Washington

  • During this time, Latin American militaries, often with U.S. support, played a growing role in politics, occasionally as social reformers (as in Peru in 1968), but most often as representatives of the Right.

    D. Latin America, 1945-2000

  • Southern Command significantly broadened the school's core curriculum around the military doctrine of counterinsurgency warfare and expanded enrollment to train -- "inculcate" is the word Gill uses more than once -- Latin American militaries in the cause of anticommunism.

    Booman Tribune


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