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  • v. Present participle of militarize.


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  • The detonation filled satellite orbits with dangerous debris; worse, it seemed to signal an unprovoked new step in militarizing space.

    Cyber Warriors

  • Nonetheless, any time you -- the idea of militarizing the border, we saw with the call from Vincente Fox, the president of Mexico, that it takes on a more hostile feel to it, that at least the wording does.

    CNN Transcript May 15, 2006

  • She has had an uphill battle dealing with right-wing conservatives in the AZ legislature, but has held her ground on repro rights, but has had to compromise on other issues such as militarizing the border using the national guard, appeasing crazy sheriff Joe Arpaio and his anti-Latino antics, the list goes on.

    Randall Amster: Dammit, Janet! Napolitano's Ascent to Homeland Security Could Leave Arizona High and Dry

  • Defense Minister Gen. Ahmad Vahidi accused the West on Tuesday of "militarizing" the Persian Gulf, and said Tehran could easily target Western warships in those waters in case of a military attack on Iranian nuclear facilities.

    CBS 2 - KCAL 9 - Los Angeles - Southern California - LA Breaking News, Weather, Traffic, Sports

  • For the moment however, the US leader said the spiraling border violence does not warrant "militarizing" the region.

    Taipei Times

  • Besides the enormous human tragedy, a World War II–style offensive was guaranteed to accelerate the decay, razing the last foundations of the old order, further militarizing the population, destroying trust, and spreading trauma.

    The Return

  • What if the cost-cutters in Washington were to conclude that it was a fruitless task to try to manage the unmanageable i.e., Iraq and that, instead of militarizing the State Department, the U.S. should return to the business of diplomacy with a modest embassy and a consulate or two to negotiate deals, discuss matters of common interest, and hand out the odd visa.

    Tom Engelhardt: Cutting $100 Billion?... Easy -- If Only Washington Had a Brain

  • It may become necessary for our military to target Iranian nuclear facilities if economic sanctions and diplomatic efforts do not succeed and if the Iranian government decides to cross red lines by militarizing its nuclear program and placing it in deep underground bunkers.

    Warning Iran Against Hitting 'Soft' American Targets

  • That follows accusations by the Argentine government that London is "militarizing" the dispute via the routine deployment of a destroyer to the South Atlantic, along with a six-week visit by Prince William, who's training as a helicopter pilot.

    The Falklands Kerfuffle

  • “Far from militarizing cyberspace, our strategy of securing networks to deny the benefit of an attack will help dissuade military actors from using cyberspace for hostile purposes,” Lynn said.

    Pentagon Unveils New Strategy for Cyberspace


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