from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. An artificial channel for the conveyance of water to a mill.


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  • Dead he is, and I won't jidge mun -- but not afore he'd a doed the mischief, for but three weeks afterward my pig falls into the mill-leat.

    The Drummer's Coat

  • The children were all down in the meadow below, the little maids mostly sitting in the shade and making nosegays of forget-me-nots; while every boy that could walk, and some of the maids also, were paddling in the little stream or dancing about the bank in chase of such unhappy fish as had been too lazy to leave the shallows when the stream was turned into the mill-leat.

    The Drummer's Coat

  • Sometimes they were silent, and the next moment they broke into chorus like a pack of hounds, while occasionally there came a shrill rate from one of the old women who watched them from the cottages, calling back some too venturesome boy from the deep water of the mill-leat.

    The Drummer's Coat

  • I bate mun last night, poor soul, because he wouldn't spake, and he scritched so loud that Mrs. Mugford come in, and asked me what I was 'bout killing a pig at that time o 'night; though she knows very well that it was my pig that was drownded in the mill-leat back along in the spring.

    The Drummer's Coat


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