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  • Earlier and later editions of the game lacked these, and so min-maxing was more limited in scope, if not in depth. mxyzplk

    How Much Does Character Optimization Count? « Geek Related

  • But you also have to acknowledge that while it can somewhat prevent min-maxing, it also can put HUGE power gaps in between players, which in games like D&D can be a death sentence.

    Player Empowerment or Player Entitlement? « Geek Related

  • That degree of scaling ends up requiring min-maxing so that you are competitive at a given level.

    Some Thoughts On 2e and 3e’s Legacy « Geek Related

  • Cass' ex, Joanna, joins the group and immediately brings about a change in gameplay, as she is more focused on developing her character then min-maxing her skills.

    The Gamers & The Gamers: Dorkness Rising

  • I agree that it is possible for any RPG to be played in an old school fashion, even 3rd edition D&D, but the focus of skill- and feat-based forms on all-encompassing rules and character builds begins insidiously leading to min-maxing and reliance on the character sheet as a toolbox rather than the players' and DM's minds.


  • Completely socialized medicine can have quite horrendous outcomes (due to simple fact that resources are limited, and thus utilitarian min-maxing must take place), as can completely privatized (because some people are left out).

    Nearly All

  • I'm not sure how my Oblivion experience will end, but at least to now, I find myself so jazzed by the opening segment and its flow into the main-line quest that I can easily overlook the lessor irritations of min-maxing and cranking skills, levels, money - the grind stuff.

    A Spoonful of Sugar

  • This would be in contrast to our era when professional sports has turned play into work filled with specialists in teams min-maxing yields.

    The Drop Kick

  • Rogues and Shaman also score the highest on the Advancement (goals/achievement) and Mechanics (min-maxing) motivations. (link)

    July 2005

  • Just based on that, my hunch is that there's got to be something to the idea of identification with the race -- even if Thabor says it's all about min-maxing and corpse retrieval speed from the power gamer perspective.

    The Forsaken


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