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  • n. A plural of mina1.

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  • n. Plural form of mina.


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  • Sometimes I steam minae a bit then put it in the oven with lotsa seasoned fresh breadcrumbs, and lotsa melted butter.. oh thats so good too.

    Roasted Balsamic Cauliflower with Garlic & Olive Oil

  • At any rate, I know that I would rather have such a one as my friend than be paid two minae, and there is such another whose worth I would not estimate at half a mina, and a third with whom I would not part for ten, and then again a fourth whose friendship would be cheap if it cost me all the wealth and pains in the world to purchase it.


  • Sophaenetus was fined ten minae for inadequate performance of his duty as one of the chief officers selected.


  • In course of investigation, Philesius and Xanthicles respectively were condemned to pay a sum of twenty minae, to meet a deficiency to that amount incurred during the guardianship of the cargoes of the merchantmen.


  • The demand was reported to Cyrus by the generals, and he undertook to give each man five silver minae as soon as Babylon was reached, and their pay in full, until he had safely conveyed them back to Ionia again.


  • Timasion, the Dardanian, pledged Seuthes, and presented a silver bowl136 and a carpet worth ten minae.


  • Attic talent = sixty minae = six thousand drachmae = 243 pounds 15 shillings of our money.


  • The following table will make the arithmetic clear: — 6 ob. = 1 drachma 10 minae = 6000 ob.

    Ways and Means

  • Lecythus a temple of Athenè; and when Brasidas was about to storm the place he had made a proclamation that he who first mounted the wall should receive thirty minae; 74 but now, believing that the capture had been effected by some more than human power, he gave the thirty minae to the Goddess for the service of the temple, and then pulling down Lecythus and clearing the ground, he consecrated the whole place.

    The History of the Peloponnesian War

  • Silica la lune luna tic tics minae flux aer aether

    Think Progress » Stumped: Condi Unable to Explain What Gave Bush Authority to Eavesdrop Without Warrant


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