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from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Inability to recognize the visual impressions of external objects conveyed to the brain by functionally sound organs of vision.


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  • The German neurologist Hermann Munk called this second condition "mind-blindness" (Seelenblindheit) and today it is known as "agnosia," a term we owe to Sigmund Freud.


  • "Severe vomiting, diarrhoea, rectal tenesmus: unable to keep standing, she urinates under herself; the pupils are dilated, the eyes haggard; complete mind-blindness, near-total failure of reflexes, deep unconsciousness, breathing dyspneic, heart-beat faint and very fast, pulse barely perceptible; dead in thirty-six hours."

    Charles Richet - Nobel Lecture

  • The animal reels as if drunk, the pupils are dilated, the eyes haggard and after heart-rending cries, the animal falls to the ground, urinating and defecating underneath himself, unconscious, no longer reacting to the excitations and in complete mind-blindness.

    Charles Richet - Nobel Lecture

  • It is not, as Charles Lamb remarks, that some people do not know what to do with truth when it is offered to them, but the tragic fate is to reach, after years of patient search, a condition of mind-blindness in which the truth is not recognized, though it stares you in the face.

    The Student Life

  • So when I say that the highly disliked "Queen of the Supermarket," from his new album, is a great little song, this does not come from the realm of fanboy mind-blindness.

    Idolator: Music News, Reviews, And Gossip

  • I've been thinking about this mind-blindness thing, and it occurred to me that this is responsible for most of my anxiety and fear in the world.

    Wrong Planet Asperger / Autism Forums

  • The second is to try to disregard the physical environment and create a state of mind-blindness, in which you can’t really even take in the objects around you.

    The Next Ten Minutes


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