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  • There, an alien, not unlike the one Floyd discovered on page 2, points Batman to a strange sequence of numbers, and tells him he has eight seconds to stop the stolen mini-nuke -- which has been smuggled into Wayne Manor -- from destroying Gotham City.

    Plan 9 From The 1983 Comic-Con, or Are You Smarter Than A DC Writer? | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment

  • Speaking of which, Wonder Woman is investigating the theft of a mini-nuke when the scientist who built it manifests his own demon.

    Plan 9 From The 1983 Comic-Con, or Are You Smarter Than A DC Writer? | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment

  • (The prior sentence is not a breach of national security: the Iranians know, and the Russians & Chinese have satellite photos, of course.) Three of those battle groups are aircraft carrier groups, which can deliver American W.M.D. by air far into the interior of Iran (for example) or just install mini-nuke warheads on Tomahawk missiles and do damage from offshore.

    New Homeland Assault Force

  • Reports circulated as early as last year and in 2005 that the Bush administration signed off on a "shock and awe" attack against Iran to destroy its perfectly legal commercial nuclear program that may involve using so-called "mini-nuke robust earth penetrator bunker-buster" weapons that won't be "mini" in their catastrophic effects if indeed used.

    George Bush's Samson Option

  • Robert W. Nelson, a physicist at Princeton University says, a "one kiloton earth-penetrating 'mini-nuke' used in a typical third-world urban environment would spread a lethal dose of radioactive fallout over several square kilometers, resulting in tens of thousands civilian casualties."

    "Unfit for Office

  • And, let us not forget, we haven't even brought up the subject of the radiation effects that might ensue if, as is being planned, Bush uses "tactical" atomic bombs, the so-called mini-nuke "bunker busters," to get at Iran's deep-underground labs.

    Stop Us Before We Kill Again!

  • It will be especially bad if the US does it using so-called "mini-nuke robust earth penetrator bunker-buster" munitions which are weapons that can be made to any desired potency and are likely to be from one-third to two-thirds as powerful as the Hiroshima bomb.

    The Power of Israel in the United States

  • Apparently the only way to ensure that there are no witnesses see USS Liberty incident is to vaporize it with a mini-nuke.

    Think Progress » Five Years Later: Afghanistan Reverts To Breeding Ground For Terror

  • About the ‘big blast’ – at least one commentator is claiming this to have been a mini-nuke.

    Think Progress » Bush says he uses “the Google.”

  • Ohio Republican Rep. David Hobson, who chairs the House Energy and Water Appropriations Subcommittee, wiped out $96 million in nuclear projects from the government's budget for next year -- including funds for researching nuclear "bunker-buster" bombs and low-yield, "mini-nuke" weapons.

    New Nuclear Program Sidelined


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