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  • n. A minor or incidental game within a larger video game.


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mini- +‎ game


  • A new mic minigame has also been added to garner you a little extra cash, but the amount is so small that the minigame is a moot effort.


  • After the party defeated Nue, we gained access to the fishing minigame which is a sidequest you can continue to make use of for the whole duration of the game, with gradually progressing quality of the items available with its help. - Business News

  • Before the term "minigame" became a four-letter word, it used to be a pleasant surprise to have a separate, simple game within the confines of another.

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  • I'm skeptical because the word "minigame" is in the description, but the gameplay sounds like

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  • Too easy, too safe and was much more to have an enjoyable final "minigame" than to have something that felt like "omg this is the final battle, this is it! all my training, all my sacrifice for this final moment!" Podcast

  • Additionally, like many recent games, GoW includes a "minigame" mode, in which you must match a series of button presses and analog stick gestures displayed on screen.


  • Not really a "minigame" though, it sounds like they just spawn Splicers until the Little Sister is finished harvesting, which is the kind of defend mission I fucking hate.


  • I was thinking maybe we can start the next session with some kind of minigame to resolve the ground assault on the Jaen dome and then we can move on to other things (like finding Otterschmidt’s long-lost family, and finding out what happened to Ambassador Peppin out there).

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  • The peels laid out like boobytraps, as in a minigame within a video game of a board game.

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  • Next to planes we would at least want to feel like we had some crazy techniques that could blow things out of the air with speed or firepower – Dark Void only allows us to slowly pick things out of the sky with the ‘pack’s cannons, or hijack alien ships with a canned minigame which plays out exactly the same every time.

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