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  • n. Plural form of minimum.


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  • "Companies are changing what we call their minimums, their minimum opening orders, minimum quantities of items for sale," said Dudziak, owner of the Village Grinder, which has been at Countryside Village since 1983 and has competed with a national chain, Starbucks, since 2002.

    Omaha World-Herald > Frontpage

  • The WGA has negotiated, through long activism, a very good MBA, minimum basic agreement, which ensures that WGA members get paid certain minimums for their work, including pension and health benefits.

    So you want to know about screenwriting

  • The distributive impact of parking minimums is to redistribute income from people who don’t own cars to people who do own cars — not to shift income from poor to rich.

    Matthew Yglesias » Parking Minimums and Income Distribution

  • It also, for the first time, sets rates for commercials made for the Internet, though those minimums don't kick in until the third year of the contract, Wood noted (he nonetheless called the minimums a "big victory" for the unions).

    Jonathan Handel: SAG-AFTRA Ad Deal Done

  • Tel3 Long Distance features no monthly charge, no call minimums, no connection fees and no time of day restrictions.


  • EZLongDistance features no monthly charge, no call minimums, no connection fees and no time of day restrictions.


  • However, both parties can agree to discuss "minimums" — a husband can say he'll pay school fees and extracurricular activities and a certain sum for support — but everything is subject to change at the time of divorce, says Ms. Ser.

    Nothing says 'I love you' like a prenup

  • As the financial model in new media increases profit margins, writers will require a strong union to legally protect their content (i.e. as scripts are registered and credited now) and ensure due payments are received (as with the current pay scale 'minimums' and residual guidelines set in commercial film and television).

    Why America Needs The Writers' Guild

  • They often don’t achieve these minimums, which is why every president in my lifetime has had some proposal for “fixing” education.

    Kristine Kathryn Rusch » Freelancer’s Survival Guide, Money, Part One

  • Take that another half a step … the electric company shuts down once enough customers stop paying their bill (so they can afford heat …) there are certain 'minimums' that need to be met.

    Conceptual Guerilla - Central Command in the War of Ideas


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