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  • n. Plural form of ministry.


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  • He confirmed that a random check of nonprofits with the word "ministries" in their name and the Las Vegas zip code of the N. News

  • So there are certain ministries we will not, American money will not be going to.

    State of the Union: John King's Crib Sheet for December 6

  • The letter also demands that an immediate investigation be launched into the activities of the Christian ministries operating on the Air Force Academy campus, due to reports from the parents of Academy cadets and graduates that at least one of these ministries is using cult-like tactics to recruit cadets and estrange them from their families.

    Chris Rodda: Civil Rights and Religious Groups Demand That Air Force Academy 'Climate Survey' Be Made Public

  • The only interest I have in who gets what job is how many of Liebour's Scottish MPs will get cabinet positions and how many will be in English ministries like Transport, DTI, DEFRA, etc.

    Another Rebuff for Gordon Brown

  • They want to pull off this trick by cutting certain ministries and programmes, which they name but are not asked about.

    Archive 2005-01-01

  • However, the horizontal flow of information between ministries is extremely limited, impeded as it is by jurisdictional jealousies, lack of liaison and co-ordination and failure to comprehend or understand the programmes which other ministries have embarked upon.

    The Runaway Growth of Bureaucracy—A Serious Concern for Canada's Future

  • The number of ministries is twenty-seven; and the civil service has increased 150% from 1950 while the population has grown only 60%-the civil service is up to 320,003 (with another 13,000 to come this year) from 127,196 and the population went to twenty-two and a half million from fourteen.

    The Runaway Growth of Bureaucracy—A Serious Concern for Canada's Future

  • We can't expect government to solve all our problems, but at least we should be able to expect it to stop aggravating them by turf wars between ministries or between departments within ministries, by their passing the buck, by their inefficiency and lack of accountability and by the kind of bunkering -- in mentality whereby they talk about partnership but continue to reject any ideas regardless of the merits that are coming from outside the ministry and its internal research staff.

    Effects of Family Stress on Children

  • A: Senator Grassley’s investigation of the ministries is consistent with his prior investigations because a church is subject to the same tax rules as all other charitable organizations.

    Grassley provides update on probe of ministries, including Copeland’s and Hinn’s

  • He would also specifically ask the development planning commission set up by the land and housing ministries, which is compiling a green paper on planning, to specifically look at a regulatory framework for urban development growth in areas of high-value land.

    ANC Daily News Briefing


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