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  • n. sunglasses with a reflective coating on the outside of the lenses


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  • Lowest of all are the chimaerical creations of the reckless genre-crossers: the punk street elves, the samurai vampires, the Orcs in mirrorshades, who had their brief vogue in the 1990s, and have mercifully failed to take over the whole ecology of Faërie.

    Campbell’s Cream of Fantasy

  • Some good stuff there: the first Hugo (which appears to have been constructed with tinsnips and lead solder), Terry Pratchett's badge techotchkes, really happy goth bondage play, Singularity-focused authors, barbarians in mirrorshades, amazingly detailed models of Unseen University and environs, an ironic sneak photo of a t-shirt, Dorks are Hot t-shirt, und zo weiter.

    Boing Boing: August 29, 2004 - September 4, 2004 Archives

  • Maybe yours wears mirrorshades or can always get through to troubled children with a kind word that erases all life troubles.

    Barnstorming on an Invisible Segway

  • Inspired by the cyberpunk movement, he cranked out a series of Gibsonesque short stories that were never well received by editors due to his awkward prose style and poor command of the language, though the author maintains it was because he refused to don the mirrorshades.

    Shameless Self-promotion, Community Spirit, and Entertaining My Ass

  • So much for the poor but virtuous Cyberpunk Kid, in his mirrorshades and hot leathers, listening to the latest punk band before they go commercial and lose it, hacking his way into the systems of the Big Government all in order to prevent the dastardly scheme to take utter control of the world.

    Cyber Command Strikes Again

  • William Gibson explains how Molly's mirrorshades work

    - Boing Boing

  • How about a flashback showing Kramer with mirrorshades and a shotgun, like the guard in Cool Hand Luke?

    Is "Seinfeld" ruined? (My advice to Jerry.)

  • Even though damn little sunlight ever made it down here, Harold always wore huge mirrorshades that seemed to cover half his face.


  • At least Kehl assumed he looked—it was hard to tell with the mirrorshades.


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