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  • v. Present participle of misdial.
  • n. An instance of reaching an unintended phone number due to an error in dialing or in using a keypad.


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  • Now, if we happen to call a certain telephone number (perhaps misdialing a wrong number?) then you get years of intense interrogation and?

    Think Progress » NSA Whistleblower To Expose More Unlawful Activity: ‘People…Are Going To Be Shocked’

  • Im so sick of idiots who cant dial ten numbers without misdialing!

    dailycomic Diary Entry

  • The dogs wound up eating 3/4's of the remaining casserole (Goddamn Kroger and their bad noodles which fill their shelves instead of NORMAL brands, like SKINNER), and after a night of half-decent sleep and a day of slogging through work, I'd forgotten about the whole misdialing incident.

    haloaskew Diary Entry

  • Roberts has the impression, for example, that he is recovering more promptly from interruptions, misdialing fewer phone numbers, and so on.


  • The biggest misuse of 911 is connected to misdialing 911 with cell phones, Bryant said. - Local News

  • MY GODDESS warmed hearts with the story of a shy college student, Keiichi, who unwittingly acquired his very own goddess, Belldandy, after misdialing a number for takeout food.

    Mania News Feed

  • One feature is designed to prevent users from misdialing while faxing by asking for a confirmation of the fax number originally entered before the fax is sent.

    WebWire | Recent Headlines

  • Both printers also help protect important documents with secure fax dialing -- asking for a confirmation of the number entered to avoid misdialing -- and the ability to create PDF files with password protection that restricts access to printing or editing files without the proper authority.


  • No more dialing or misdialing; no programming of speed-dials, just a click in my OS X Address Book and in seconds I'm talking on either my cordless or landline.

    VersionTracker: Mac OS X

  • But I was in no mood for fucker's misdialing shit yesterday.

    haloaskew Diary Entry


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