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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of mishear.


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  • But he also has classic moments when he mishears things that are clearly spoken, too.

    Day in the Life of an Idiot

  • I'm not sure if he mishears me, but he tells me "a lot of women get pregnant here."

    Rebecca Walker: Late Bloomers

  • Instead, you fight them by insisting that they were steering the conversating into some dark scary place, where such things must not be openly discussed ... and if someone mishears an echo, it must be retracted atonce!

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Why Catholics and Jews?

  • His dad is sent to be in charge of a place Bruno mishears as "Out-With" throughout the book, even though that makes no sense considering he's supposed to be speaking German.

    A despicable book

  • He tends not to take in everything that doctors tell him: he mishears or misfiles information, he blocks out bad news, he goes for the bottom line—what he has to do next and what a given medical issue means for him in a practical sense.

    After the Diagnosis

  • As for the gratuitous sax & violins, these days, in addition to the lure of the salacious, there seems to be a defensive/legal element to it–make sure they know Rick & Ilsa were making The Beast With Two Backs, or some dipstick with a bully pulpit & a following who mishears a lineor never even sees it will somehow assume they were swapping outfits, or molesting llamas, or Wotan knows what.

    Black and White World: Picture Snatcher – The Bleat.

  • For instance, Sam mishears that it will be a sunny day and relays this misinformation to Joan with the result that she believes it will be a sunny day.


  • Next week – Rosie O'Donnell mishears two The View crew members talking about "a rack," thinks they're having a discussion about Iraq and kills them both with a clawhammer.

    Rosie O’Donnell’s Price Is Right Bid Goes Tits Up

  • When Oprah Winfrey conducts research for her Robert Scoble episode, she mishears something about a rumour about Microsoft or Google buying Opera.

    2006 play-by-play – the ultimate set of predictions « Squash

  • Everytime I get a new Handsome Family album at least one person mishears me:

    Word Magazine - Comments


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