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  • v. Present participle of misparse.
  • n. An instance of incorrect parsing.


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  • There's no obvious Photoshoppery anywhere in that picture, although there are two spots that you could just about be forgiven for visually misparsing if you don't look closely enough.

    Daily Fail: You're Going Home In A Freaking Ambulance!

  • Thanks to mental misparsing of an abbreviation caused by too-rapid context switching, I am now off imagining a universe in which the abbreviation D&G represents an Italian high fashion institution run by the French philosophers Deleuze and Guattari.

    Earth people never look up

  • You’re apparently misparsing the sentence as “[buffered against evolutionary change] [by natural selection or genetic drift]”, whereas it should be read as “[buffered against] [evolutionary change by natural selection or genetic drift]”.

    Macroevolution FAQ updated - The Panda's Thumb


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