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  • n. Plural form of mitogen.


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  • "T-cell mitogens cause early changes in cytoplasmic free Ca2+ and membrane potential in lymphocytes," Nature 295, 68 – 71 (1982).

    Roger Y. Tsien - Autobiography

  • • “Skewed immune-cell subset in the Th2 direction; decreased response to T-cells mitogens; reduced NK T0cell function; increased IFNg & IL-12” Is there an immunologist in the house?

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  • Effect of thrombin, the thrombin receptor activation peptide, and other mitogens on vascular smooth muscle cell urokinase receptor mRNA levels.

    Behe vs Sea Squirts - The Panda's Thumb

  • Furthermore, genetic alterations in asbestos-activated macrophages may result in the release of potent mesothelial cell mitogens such as platelet-derived growth factor PDGF and transforming growth factor which in turn, may induce the chronic stimulation and proliferation of mesothelial cells after injury by Asbestos fibres

    Your Right Hand Thief

  • His present research interests include work on the primary and three-dimensional structures of proteins, experiments on the structure and function of plant mitogens and studies of the cell surface.

    Gerald M. Edelman - Biography

  • Using RNAi screening, metabolic profiling and small-molecule probes, we discovered that the knockdown of three metabolic enzymes-phosphoglycerate kinase (Pgk1), hexose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (H6pd) and ATP citrate lyase (Acl) - induces differentiation of mouse C2C12 myoblasts even in the presence of mitogens.

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  • In vitro cultures of whole blood, stimulated with a number of antigens, mitogens and toll like receptor ligands provide relevant immunological parameters at baseline and following 1 and 2 years of treatment rounds.

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  • Effect of hypertonicity on cyclin induction by mitogens or T cell receptor activation in NFAT5 − / − T cells.

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  • In particular, phosphorylation of PPARγ1/2 at conserved MAPK consensus position 84/112 is well known to reduce the transcriptional response of PPARγ to activating ligands and mitogens in adipocytes, leading to inhibition of cell differentiation and adipogenesis

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  • Dunbar JD, Kessler KM, Baerwald MR, et al. (2000) Utilization of distinct signaling pathways by receptors for vascular endothelial cell growth factor and other mitogens in the induction of endothelial cell proliferation.

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