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  • Collins was interviewed recently at the offices of Scholastic Inc., her long, blond hair parted in the middle, wearing a pendant with the "Hunger Games" icon, a golden winged hybrid – a mockingjay – clutching an arrow in its beak.

    How Has 'Hunger Games' Author Suzanne Collins' Life Changed?

  • So I came home earlier this week to a package with a mockingjay on the cover.

    Suzanne Collins’ Catching Fire « educating alice

  • Educating Alice describes what it was like when the envelope with the mockingjay on it arrived in the mail. jealous jealous jealous… ...

    Suzanne Collins’ Catching Fire « educating alice

  • A heroine arises from these circumstances - an unintended but inevitable consequence of the Capitol's "system" just as the mockingjay was of their genetic engineering - who chooses against all odds and personal advantage to speak truth to power.

    Hogwarts Professor

  • Ms. Collins 'sacramental references, e.g., the wafer with mockingjay impression the refugees from District 8 show Katniss, her scriptural references, and her story transparencies from Christian history - most notably "the boy with the bread" and his serial sacrificial deaths and resurrections - all make me think we'll be seeing more of the same in

    Hogwarts Professor

  • As both child of the Seam, the earth, and, simultaneously, queen of song and heavens as the mockingjay, Katniss Everdeen becomes the heroic hermaphrodite and joins center and periphery, Capitol and districts, into a harmonious unity as the surviving servant of

    Hogwarts Professor

  • I suppose Maysilee Donner could be the mockingjay leader person - it's obvious Haymitch isn't.

    Hogwarts Professor

  • I'm not saying your overall idea is wrong - for all i know, she IS the mockingjay.

    Hogwarts Professor

  • (The cover, and title, refer to the hybrid birds that are an important symbol-of hope and rebellion-throughout the books; the mockingjay appears on the jacket art for all three volumes in the series.)

    Publishers Weekly - Children's Books News

  • Given what we learned about the true lives of the Hunger Games victors in this book, I just can't see the Capitol letting Kat & Peeta have a happily ever after wedding and whatnot if the whole mockingjay revolution hadn't happened.

    Mormon Mommy Wars


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