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  • adv. In a modal way.

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  • adv. In a modal manner.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In a modal manner; in a manner or relation expressing or indicating a mode or form; as regards mode or manner.


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  • The final chapter of the Metaphysical Foundations, the Phenomenology, focuses on how the motion of matter can be experienced modally, that is, in terms of it being possibly, actually, or necessarily in motion.

    Kant's Philosophy of Science

  • "Kind of Blue" influenced a generation of jazz men -- Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, et al -- and such rock artists as the Doors, the Allman Brothers Band, the Police, and Carlos Santana to pursue modally based improvisation.

    Davis's New Burst of Freedom

  • Aristotle extends his theory to include syllogisms with modally qualified categorical sentences.

    The Statue of a Writer

  • Contingent Universalism thus only modally masks the underlying problem of the perceived injustice of hell.

    Heaven and Hell

  • This will be plain enough to all who make a distinction between the intellect and the imagination, especially if it be remembered, that matter is everywhere the same, that its parts are not distinguishable, except in so far as we conceive matter as diversely modified, whence its parts are distinguished, not really, but modally.

    The Ethics

  • Finally, the whole argument from concern presented above only really gets a hold on the modal fictionalist who thinks that what is the case modally is just a matter of the contents of the modal fiction.

    Modal Fictionalism

  • Most often, then, the questions he explores have the form: "Here is an assertoric syllogism; if I add these modal qualifications to the premises, then what modally qualified form of the conclusion (if any) follows?".

    Aristotle's Logic

  • (This question will press especially hard on modal fictionalists who are also ontological naturalists, given the extent to which the initial motivation for their ontological naturalism hinges on modally implicated claims about causal relationships.)


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    The Volokh Conspiracy » THE ONION ELECTION COVERAGE:

  • One such position was that essence and existence are modally or formally distinct, such that existence constitutes a mode or property of a thing's essence.

    Descartes' Ontological Argument


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