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  • Way to step on someone for showing you a modicom of respect.

    Super bigfoot finally done | My[confined]Space

  • Sure, there were many albums, singles, videos, concerts, and cultural spectacles that were enjoyable, many even illustrating a modicom of evolution of the act or artist's music which always is to be applauded.

    2010: The Year We Make Contact

  • Earlier today, I had a modicom of respect for the lady – even in her continuously failing attempt at the nomination but this latest statement is just sadly disappointing ...

    Clinton touts support from 'white Americans'

  • But I suppose it is a bit much to ask a “gentleman” of such high intelligence – and arrested emotional development – to show even a modicom of decorum.

    Think Progress » Conservatives Offer Unqualified Praise for Pentagon Propaganda Operations

  • You are going to spin the story anyway, why would I want to make a comment to help embellish and give your article even the smallest little modicom of the truth, you folks do that perfectly fine on your own.

    Think Progress » Everyone knows except Mitch McConnell.

  • The Republicans sacrificed a man weak on many critical positions and the Democrats put up a man who could only say, "change is what I will bring" With no real substance in either campaign, the race soon deteriorated to a bar-room brawl, not so much between the candidates, who maintained a modicom of civility, but the campaign hatchetmen and the fringe supporters. Top Stories

  • I apologise, I guess lately you have shown a modicom of understanding what the game is actually about.

    Manchester Evening News - RSS Feed

  • To the driver who claims the city is a dictator ship, We the people are your bosses and it is the boss who decide what shifts will be worked and at what length of time etc. not you drivers and if you don't like that then quit or go back to where you came from because I don't like being called a dictator, to the student who supports the drivers it's good you are in school and you better stay there for a long time yet until you get a modicom of smarts at least, I would like to see you go with a camera crew and aply for jobs on camera and tell the company offical that you want to set your own scheduale of hours you will work, days you will work and a big part of that must be you will only come in 6 hrs a day and want to be paid for ten if and when you come in!

    CTV News RSS Feed


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