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  • n. Alternative capitalization of Mohawk (hairstyle).


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  • School officials are towing this line because they don't want their students to look abnormal ... and no matter what anyone says, a 4 1/2 year old with a mohawk is abnormal.

    Ohio School Suspends 4 Year Old Over Mohawk Haircut

  • School officials say that the mohawk is a distraction and is against school grooming and dress codes (and keep in mind that this was the child's third offence), while the mother of the child says that there is nothing in the school guidelines that prohibit it: I understand they have a dress code.

    Ohio School Suspends 4 Year Old Over Mohawk Haircut

  • i did a better waxing style than yours. .hahaha, sorry for boasting. .& yeah, i did it in mohawk style. .looks really cool .. my wax preferrence is gatsby (strong hold) … u jz can make any style with it!!

    How to style your hair with wax?(male) « oneduasan

  • Even better than a mohawk is a mohawk in a bright, primary color. Front Page

  • The mohawk was a phase and I wasn't it very good shape, either.


  • Also, recall that Allen initially claimed he really meant to say "mohawk," referring to S.R.

    George Allen: "Macaca" Was a "Made Up Word"

  • And then after that -- or perhaps because of that -- the "mohawk" look became trendy.

    Blood is the New Black by Valerie Stivers

  • Certainly Allen's subsequently explanations with things like "mohawk" and whatnot were not particularly, ah, plausible -- in any event, that he was mocking the volunteer and that to do so was uncouth are not exactly deniable -- but the original epithet doesn't seem to be an actual racist term of art in North Africa.

    "The sad fate of George Allen's A-list advisers."

  • Witnesses told police that a thin black man with a "mohawk" haircut, wearing a red hooded sweatshirt and jeans, fired into the crowd of combatants then fled, dropping a tan book bag. - News

  • They also found a "mohawk" of feathers running down its head to its back, but these showed just signs of red, not stripes.

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