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  • n. Common misspelling of memento.


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Variant of memento from association with memorable moments.


  • In fact, a Mexican momento is a tricky catch-all, a strange little net with many holes.

    New meaning to mañana

  • In statics he identified this momentum with what Galileo called momento or impeto, and this identification was certainly conformable to the Pisan's idea.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • Well, when I diskivered that what's-his-name was packed up and the waggin loaded, I took the liberty to borrow one o 'them there nuts fur a kind of momento, as it were, and I kept that in my pocket till we served the writ and he paid my bill and came to his milk, if you'll allow me that expression, and then I says to him,' Pardner, 'says


  • Por el momento es solo un concepto pero con ver solamente estas muestra en 3 dimensiones basta para cautivar.

    Furniture Made with a Single Stroke

  • It could be el momento de verdad for your future financial security.

    Richard (RJ) Eskow: The Ministry of Truth: New Fronts in the War on Social Security

  • In middle school I bottomed out when I lost my favorite Rangers hat somewhere in the halls; I'll never feel as low as I did when I couldn't find the momento my dad had gotten me the night they won the Stanley Cup -- which I wasn't able to attend, which I spent an evening as a seven year old crying about.

    Jordan Zakarin: I Quit: A Jets Fan's Lament

  • Me despido por el momento porque se me termino la hora del lunch, pronto te mandamos mas sugerencias.

    Tapachula vs. Tuxtla

  • La economía del mundo claramente no pasa por su mejor momento y logicamente la de nuestra casa tampoco.

    Wall Mounted Desk Office

  • Prince William acknowledged as much when he told a reporter his decision to give Kate the ring which had actually belonged to Prince Harry who chose it as a treasured momento before burying his mother was made because, he said, he wanted to include Diana in his engagement to Kate "in a meaningful way."

    Diane Clehane: Kate Middleton: The People's Princess 2.0?

  • The issue of succession at Berkshire has been a presence for many years, acting as a momento mori for the world's third-richest man, who was moved to address the subject of his own death, albeit with typical good humour at the annual meeting in 2007.

    Warren Buffett closes in on choosing his successor


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