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  • adj. characterized by a system where things are done one at a time
  • adj. contemporaneous
  • adj. a personality type (distinguished from polychronic) which prefers to set a certain time to perform each task

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  • adj. Existing at the same time; contemporaneous.

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  • Of one and the same time; existing or happening at the same time; contemporaneous; in geology, deposited, or apparently deposited, at the same period: said of organic remains.


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mono- +‎ chronic


  • I had hoped that someone would comment on how monochronic the author of this article was.

    Dealing With The Tardiness Of Others | Lifehacker Australia

  • For example, the monochronic style makes planning usually easier, since it is a linear model.

    One At A Time?

  • Cultures considered to be monochronic are those that stress completing one task before embarking on the next.

    One At A Time?

  • Thus, monochronic people can usually better predict how long it will take to finish a task, and just as important, can more easily reject a request for additional work.

    One At A Time?

  • Some cultures mix both styles, such as the Japanese, who are monochronic when it comes to work, and polychronic in social situations.

    One At A Time?

  • The United States and Canada tend to be fairly monochronic, while Mexico tends to be polychronic.

    One At A Time?

  • An Anglo-Saxon man with a very definite monochronic style, he told me that he mostly hired Mexican construction workers, because they were "consistently superior" to other workers.

    One At A Time?

  • Interestingly, what we have found is that those who are monochronic are more easily promoted because another person can more easily fill their job.

    One At A Time?

  • I dunno, but you might want to look into polychronic vs. monochronic time management.

    Ask MetaFilter


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