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  • adj. Having a single cycle, as of activity or development.
  • adj. Biology Having a single whorl, as certain flowers and the shells of certain invertebrates.
  • adj. Chemistry Having a molecular structure with only one ring.

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  • adj. Having a single cycle of development or activity.
  • adj. Having a single ring of atoms in the molecule; such as benzene or cyclopropane.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Disposed in a single whorl or circular series, as the stamens in many flowers.
  • Of or pertaining to the Monocyclia.
  • In botany, living only one season; annual: opposed to dicyclic. See dicyclic, 3.
  • In electricity, pertaining to a single-phase alternating-current system of electric distribution, which utilizes an auxiliary electromotive force (the teaser electromotive force) out of phase with the main electromotive force, and wattless, that is, supplying no power or practically no power, but only wattless currents. See wattless.
  • Of or pertaining to a monocycle. See monocycle, 2.
  • A mechanical system within which only stationary movements in closed curves occur and between the portions of which only conservative forces are active.
  • See monocyclic, 4.


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  • For a while Boltzmann worked on an application of this approach to Helmholtz's concept of monocyclic systems.

    Boltzmann's Work in Statistical Physics

  • After monocyclic treatment (one daily injection on three consecutive days) using 25 mg / kg TMZ total numbers of proliferating cells were reduced by more than 80\%.

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  • In a dosage finding experiment we found a clear dose-dependency after monocyclic treatment.

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  • Mandal S, Das AK, Bertolasi V (2002) Benzene fused monocyclic enediynyl amides: synthesis, reactivity and DNA-cleavage activity in comparison to the corresponding sulfonamides.

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