monofunctional love


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  • adj. Having a single function
  • adj. Having a single functional group


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  • Several crystal structures of both monofunctional and bifunctional BirAs

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  • Only switchgrass has EST evidence for LKR monofunctional transcripts.

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  • Analysis of ESTs finds evidence for monofunctional LKR transcripts in switchgrass, and monofunctional

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  • The LKR/SDH gene has been reported to produce transcripts for the bifunctional enzyme and separate monofunctional transcripts.

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  • Although most plants contain only a single LKR/SDH gene per genome, poplar contains at least two functional bifunctional genes in addition to a monofunctional LKR gene.

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  • Which is actually exactly why I want it-it's very much of the recent trend of simple but catchy and beautifully designed monofunctional gadgets like the Peek and Flip-but the single task it performs is that it acts more like a window frame looking out at something much larger.


  • The peptidoglycan glycosyltransferase (GT) module of class A penicillin-binding proteins (PBPs) and monofunctional GTs catalyze glycan chain elongation of the bacterial cell wall.

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  • Catalase P is a small-subunit monofunctional peroxisomal catalase, composed of a single chain of 57 KDa that has high similarity with the monofunctional catalase P of

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