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  • n. Plural form of monomaniac.


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  • King: in Mildred's and in Thorold's, in the "Blot on the 'Scutcheon," it is that of subservience respectively to conventional morality and family pride (Lord Tresham, it may be added, is the most hopelessly monomaniacal of all Browning's "monomaniacs"): in Valence's, in

    Life of Robert Browning

  • It seemed like a place that gave monomaniacs a tannoy: so little space to say so little, Facebook for an older wastrel.

    Twitter looks chaotic: but don't be afraid

  • His commtment to the abolition of slavery was all-encompassing, but it amounted to a monomania (certainly the John Brown that emerges from this novel could be described by such a term), and while monomaniacs can be powerful presences in works of fiction -- Captain Ahab comes to mind -- that power is what makes them memorable, not any complexities of character that might be revealed.

    Point of View in Fiction

  • They might be monomaniacs, bed-wetters, bigots, or fanatics, they might be prosperous and complacent, and they might have a real hatred for the lower orders.

    Matthew Yglesias » Wonks and Teachers

  • Her first impressions, she once wrote, were that Twitter "seemed like a place that gave monomaniacs a Tannoy."

    From Stephen Fry to Hugh Grant: The rise of the celebrity activist

  • Many of them are monomaniacs who have made it their life's mission to defeat

    Walid Zafar: Newt Gingrich Joins Muslim-Baiting Movement

  • I long ago thought that if these preposterous monomaniacs were capable of being a realistic threat, instead of a nuisance, Israel would deal with them.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • And as far as the old-schoolers go, what's a Renaissance without some visionary monomaniacs trying to revitalize the cults of their pagan ancestors?

    princeofcairo: Old School Ties

  • Other than physically controlling their populations, the biggest problem for autocrats -- most of them narcissistic monomaniacs -- is maintaining the legitimacy of their authority, which by definition is always on thin ice.

    Obama Among the Dictators

  • That my own rhetoric of antagonism is just as deserving of destruction as that of those monomaniacs I'm opposing.

    The Heirs of Job


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