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  • adjective (Chem.) Not linked to other molecules of the same kind; having the property of a monomer. Opposed to polymeric.

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  • adjective Of or pertaining to a monomer
  • adjective biochemistry Describing a protein that has a single polypeptide chain
  • adjective genetics Describing a hereditary characteristic controlled by a gene at a single locus


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  • When the same building block is repeated, this block is called the monomeric unit (monomer), and the resulting macromolecule is called a polymer, or by its generic name plastic.

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  • Sequencing and sorting through the thousands of cellulase and fermentation pathways to find the perfect combination of efficiency and output took time, and we were forced to manually engineer multi-branched carbohydrate metabolic pathways to maximize usage of all the monomeric sugars.

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  • The best indicator of recovery in biologically-relevant chemistry would be a decrease in concentrations of inorganic monomeric aluminum, the most toxic form.

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  • Shaner, N.C. et al. (2008) Improving the photostability of bright monomeric orange and red fluorescent proteins.

    Further Reading - The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2008

  • Shaner, N.C. et al (2008) Improving the photostability of bright monomeric orange and red fluorescent proteins, Nature Methods, 5 545-551

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  • So that the secretion is not it impair its function, one must postulate with Matzke that the monomeric adhesins aggregate into a multimeric ring on * secretion apparatus, forming a pore through which secreted proteins find their way to the outside can.

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  • In addition, the expression problems with obligate tetrameric red fluorescent proteins are being overcome by the efforts to generate monomeric variants, which have yielded derivatives that are more compatible with biological function.

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  • Further mutagenesis of the "wild type" EosFP protein yielded monomeric derivatives, which may be useful in constructing fusion proteins.

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  • Although several of these new fluorescent proteins lack the brightness and stability necessary for many imaging experiments, their existence is encouraging as it suggests the eventuality of bright, stable, monomeric fluorescent proteins across the entire visible spectrum.

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  • Improved monomeric fluorescent proteins are being developed that have increased extinction coefficients, quantum yields, and photostability, although no single variant has yet been optimized by all criteria.

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