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  • adj. Chemistry Having only one form, as one crystal form.
  • adj. Zoology Having one or the same genotype, form, or structure through a series of developmental changes.

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  • adj. having or existing in a single shape or form
  • adj. invariant across a species
  • adj. taking only a single data type

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  • adj. Having but a single form; retaining the same form throughout the various stages of development; of the same or of an essentially similar type of structure; -- opposed to dimorphic, trimorphic, and polymorphic.

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  • In zoology, of one and the same (or essentially similar) type of structure; formed much alike; notably uniform in morphic character: said of a number of animals collectively, or of the zoölogical group which they constitute: as, birds are a highly monomorphic class of animals.
  • In entomology, having but one form, structure, or morphological character; identical or invariable in form throughout successive stages of development; monomorphous; homomorphous; ametabolic.


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mono- (“one”) + -morphic (“of a form”)


  • Male and female penguins are very similar in appearance and can be impossible to distinguish without behavioral cues (referred to as monomorphic).

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  • Auks are sexually monomorphic, meaning that males and females look the same.

    Alcids in marine ecosystems

  • These birds are monomorphic, which means that males and females look the same to human eyes, anyway.

    Mystery bird: rufous-tailed weaver, Histurgops ruficaudus

  • Nikon D300, 600 mm lens, ISO 800, f/9, 1/640 sec Question: This non-migratory monomorphic mystery bird, which is endemic to the highlands of Ethiopia and Eritrea, is a member of a family of birds that are exclusive to the Old World.

    Mystery bird: Ethiopian cisticola, Cisticola lugubris

  • The procedure allows the staff to determine the gender of the sexually monomorphic Hornbill through internal examination of its reproductive organs.

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  • This monomorphic species is identified by its overall greyish colour, white forehead, orange-red eyes surrounded by black and its orangish or chestnut-coloured belly and undertail coverts.

    Mystery bird: Ethiopian catbird, Parophasma galinieri

  • But it will not show calcifications - ever, as far as i can tell - as being monomorphic vs pleomorphic vs vascular.

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  • They are not, though, grotesque in their habits, physically repulsive to most other humans, monolinguistic, monocultural, or monomorphic.

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • What we have in District 9 is a story about beings who are according to the information we are given monomorphic, monocultural, monolinguistic, physically repulsive to most humans, grotesque in their habits, barbaric in their behaviors, and mostly quite stupid.

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • Lots of variables and members are still monomorphic, and where some aren't, this is either handled with tagged values or invisibly creating multiple instances of a function with one or more polymorphic parameters, each specialised for a possible type assignment so that they are actually monomorphic.

    Snell-Pym » Type systems


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