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  • adj. Of a single race (ethnicity).


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

mono- +‎ racial


  • Even some so-called monoracial kids are down for the cause.

    Color My World

  • I need to not let my worlds be monoracial, monocultural -- even when their models (Hollow-Boned Desire, '50s-ish America) are deeply segregated and problematic.

    Statement of Intent, 7/30/09

  • What is wrong with you monoracial girls this afternoon?

    One Flight Up

  • It doesn't really stick out in a place like the US, but it's noticeable in places like Korea or Japan which are essentially monoracial.

    Tired of pink men.

  • When referring to a group, it means either that the group is composed of multiracial individuals, or that the group is composed of monoracial individuals of two or more races.


  • "Mixed race" can also be used to refer to groups of more than one monoracial identity, groups of multiracial individuals, bi - and multi-racial relations of all sorts.


  • After all, the dilution of monoracial purity only comes through producing multiracial children, and this is the result that causes the hysteria in antimiscegenation laws.


  • And yet, I do it anyway, because I don't live in a monoracial world and don't know how to write about one.

    CSK: Redux

  • The original immigrants to the United States were monoracial and monocultural - or bicultural only if you consider Ireland a separate civilisation.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • Yet the historical precedent in the United States has been to leave little space for mixed-raced Americans, instead preserving the racial order by forcing them into monoracial categories.

    Purcell on Federalism and Originalism, Basson on Race Mixing, new books on the Bush Administration, Executive Orders, and more


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