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  • adv. In single syllables.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In monosyllables; with the use of monosyllables.

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  • adv. in a monosyllabic manner


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monosyllabic +‎ -ally


  • Speaking monosyllabically is not going to get you very far.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • During a recent lecture in London the younger Gaddafi responded monosyllabically to a question about Megrahi, focusing instead on the "new" Libya and opportunities it presented.

    Lockerbie bomber's release has strengthened ties with UK, says Libya

  • Of course the drama escalated when this nondescript figure, responding almost monosyllabically to Simon Cowell's grilling about why a 47-year-old had never made any professional headway, said she aspired to be a singer in the image of Evita originator Elaine Paige.

    Michael Russnow: Susan Boyle's Phenomenal Ride Just Won't Stop: And Yes, It Mattered That She Could Sing

  • He hits five bars in a single day, drinking his way through his declining years, monosyllabically grunting his way through conversations with a loquacious bartender Gyula Pauer.


  • Asked if, 10 years ago, he could have imagined a Democratic president like Clinton -- one signing repeal of the 60-year-old federal entitlement to support for the poor; fixated on balancing the budget; proposing to do so by cutting discretionary domestic spending by one third -- Wellstone answers softly and monosyllabically: "" No. ''

    Political Unitarianism

  • The other grunted monosyllabically, and bit on a carrot-like root.


  • We return to suite, where A sits on the sofa beside me but does not acknowledge my continued existence and responds monosyllabically to my attempts at chit-chat, preferring to talk in rapid French to the attending record company executive.

    These two...

  • After I'd torn apart the record shelves, scattered picture sleeves across my kitchen, unearthed 45s from under the bed, and otherwise generally destroyed my apartment for the purpose of a decent blog post, I settled on a small stack of 45s by a monosyllabically wonderful late 80s band from NYC called GO!

    It Was Easy, It Was Cheap

  • The maestro was singularly charming rather more so than a certain other gentleman I interviewed not long ago who answered questions monosyllabically - usually with "no" - before I'd finished asking them and I read the libretto with hair standing on end. "1984" doesn't sound like an obvious subject for an opera, but the dramatists have certainly done Orwell proud; now we'll have to wait and see what the music is like...


  • The characters are just shouting monosyllabically to remind the audience that somewhere in the midst of all the flying bullets, exploding scenery, fireballs, and unconvincing cgi the hero and heroine are still alive.

    Lance! Noooooo!


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