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  • n. Any confusing foreign language, especially Japanese or another East Asian language.


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moon speak


  • Details are all in moonspeak in the picture above. Antenna

  • It is indeed Hachune in a mass of Europeans who more than likely have no idea what those moonspeak are > _ >

    Anime Nano!

  • Was a real pleasure (and help) too, seeing as his knowledge of moonspeak > mine and he's a really nice guy overall.

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  • We didn't catch Macross Frontier because my companions were blur in moonspeak and the cinema that showed it was in Shinjuku.

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  • Divorced from researcher moonspeak, the technology uses a connection architecture which allows village-wide traffic to be delivered from multiple network paths.


  • Final Fantasy VIII: Advent Children Blu-Ray/DVD hits stateside for those of you who didn't get the Japanese version with the moonspeak-ridden Final Fantasy XIII PS3 demo.


  • I'm not against all the osmosis-to-learn-moonspeak-by - "understanding" - stuff-with-moonspeak or something, but I think there should be a limitation of some degree on how you can exalt yourself from the rest of the otaku populace just because you can half-ass your way to understanding how an episode is laid out.

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  • We take a short break from all the moonspeak and get a look at the two police detectives familiar from the previous episode, who are inspecting the cruifixion murder scene.

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  • Now our dear fans who don't know moonspeak can refer to this page for updates too!

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  • Most of them have confusing moonspeak names that make no sense to silly English-speaking people, and a few have already been released in North America, but two games stand out.

    The Tanooki


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