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  • adj. Contextual comparative. Modifies another adjective (to which the "so" is a direct anaphoric reference), indicating a greater degree of the quality in question.


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  • Once more I must say that this book, like all books, stands on the shoulders of those that have been written before and owes a huge debt to authors without number, none more so than James Clavell, master of the genre.

    City of Glory

  • Though puzzling at the time—and annoying, for he always managed to wake me after a long and bitter struggle with Somnus had been won—it finally occurred to me that the service I was providing was as indispensable to him as any other, perhaps more so than any other, perhaps the most vital service of all: to ease the dreadful burden of his loneliness.

    The Monstrumologist

  • Guided by ancient Jewish and Christian tradition they feel constrained to abide by the explicit titles to the same collections, all the more so because the titles in the Book of Proverbs are manifestly discriminating with respect to authorship, and because the title, "These also are Mishle Shelomoh, which the men of Ezechias, King of Juda, copied out" (xxv, 1), in particular, bears the impress of definiteness and accuracy.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • She first looked up at my mother, who, compared to the toothless and haggard image I had in my mind of worked-almost-to-death Stryjanka JÓzefa, must have looked to the girl like some kind of fairy book princess—even more so in the winter-white Jackie Kennedy-type suit she had lined with pearl-colored silk and had painstakingly hand-embroidered with delicate silver-thread snowflakes just for this meeting.

    Hoopi Shoopi Donna

  • Even more so than during her travels since leaving the da Vinci less than a week ago, the usually stalwart security chief found herself once again walking wobbly and feeling queasy as the ship sped toward its meeting with Thelkan traders.


  • The White House has become the locus of effective policymakingboth for foreign and national security matters and for economic and domestic policyand all the more so as the distinctions between these disparate policy spheres have increasingly blurred.

    In the Shadow of the Oval Office

  • Even more so than the mob-mentality boys? she asked.


  • Suiting up for spaceflight was always done meticulously, but never more so than on the morning of the landing.

    First Man

  • The empowerment of women gained attention, as it was realized that they were often subordinated to men in patriarchal societies and that the technological innovations being introduced made them more so Davis, 1998; Shefner-Rogers et al., 1998.

    Diffusion of Innovations

  • That Tom Bishop had died, and that one never knew for certain what or whom Charity remembered from one day to the next, were an endless source of grief for both their children, but maybe, in some ways, just slightly more so for Matt, who had so fiercely loved the couple who had taken him in and saved his life—and his soul—in so many ways.

    Moon Dance


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