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  • n. Plural form of mossback.


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  • "mossbacks," as he called them; for he knew from experience what a dainty meal they would make, fried with some salt pork, being equal to any tender spring chicken he knew of.

    The Boy Scouts' First Camp Fire or, Scouting with the Silver Fox Patrol

  • Time, formerly a "local possession," was nationalized by industry and then the government, and though mossbacks fretted that standard time was a "compulsory lie," a nation synchronized its watches.

    The Tyranny of the Clock

  • In the battle of surly old mossbacks who (presumably) no longer have to answer to voters, District Attorney Robert Morgenthau is proving even more cantankerous than the temperamental Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

    Morgenthau One-Up in Battlestar Geriatrica

  • Will Yeltsin's success jolt the mossbacks into seeing that he is no longer beyond the fringe, but astride the dominant mood of the country?

    Yeltsin's Challenge

  • But among the smiley-face crowd, 1994 is ancient history, the concern only of doddering old fossils and Old Era mossbacks who don't understand how wonderful the world has become.

    Reality Bites

  • But inside the Times and out, just-the-facts ma'am mossbacks grumbled that "editorials" were appearing on the front page.

    The Media Eat Their Own

  • As practiced by people who are buying stocks as commodities, this approach, called "indexing," lets you forget about all that boring stuff mossbacks like me call "fundamentals."

    What Goes Up Must Come Down

  • Rumsfeld, characteristically, depicted it simply as the grousing of a few military mossbacks uncomfortable with change.

    The Night of the Generals

  • Actually, you right-wingers are in the same camp with fundamentalists, reactionaries and mossbacks of every kind around the world.

    Think Progress » ‘Weeks before September 11th, this is going to play big.’

  • RODGERS: So we have to wait until the old mossbacks die out for women to get a fair shake?

    CNN Transcript May 14, 2005


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